Quality Policy

To sustainably create value and to effectively and efficiently build customer and consumer trust, Quality Policy at HeidelbergCement Ukraine, PrJSC includes:
  • customer focus and satisfaction of his needs
  • the use of quality raw materials and additives
  • technological innovations
  • quality control at every stage of the process
  • quick response to market relations
  • cooperation, transparency and partnership relations with clients and suppliers
  • improvement of management projects and processes based on needs analysis and client expectations
  • knowledge enhancement and upgrading of the professional skills
  • implementation and continuous improvement of quality management according to ISO 9001

Management takes initiatives and responsibility for the implementation of quality management system and the present policy.

Buy original product!

In order to protect our customers from buying fake cement bags, a number of measures were taken
to ensure the buyer's rights to receive exactly what is advertised. Among these, copyright registration and patenting industrial design of original packaging for all types of bagged cement.

Please note that the original products are packed only in 25 kg bags!

To protect original bags against counterfeiting, thermographic printing is applied to the packaging.  When exposed to heat (e.g. with lighted match or lighter), a special emblem disappears:

Those who build bear great responsibility. Recognizing this, we manufacture our products so that our customers believe in us and in quality of our cement. Our clients' success is our success.