Occupational Health & Safety Policy

I am giving the highest priority to Health & Safety and I expect the same from everybody else.

Only together will we achieve our goal of zero harm.

Heidelberg, 01.03.2015

Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Chairman of the Managing Board, HeidelbergCement AG

Ensure proper implementation and compliance with H&S standards

At HeidelbergCement, we take our social responsibility seriously and are convinced that a corporate culture based on employee-orientation and partnership will lead to the long-term success of the company. Occupational Health & Safety is a core value of our company and integral part of all our business activities.

Be a role model in H&S

Being convinced that injuries, occupational illnesses and diseases are preventable we are continuously striving to minimize risks for our employees, contractors and third parties by pursuing the goal of zero harm.

Make your subordinates accountable for H&S

In order to continually improve our performance we manage Health & Safety through appropriate management systems. The key elements are:

  • To conduct our business in accordance with all applicable local, regional, national and international legislations, and within its own standards and procedures related to Health & Safety;
  • Establishing clear objectives and corresponding action plans;
  • Providing safe and healthy workplaces, safe equipment and safe work procedures and practices based on the results of regularly reviewed risk assessments.
  • Training employees in Health & Safety issues that affect their work to ensure they have the proper competencies to conduct their tasks safely
  • Providing reports and analyze H&S data on and revealing even the most insignificant incidents;
  • Improving performance in occupational health and safety through risk assessment and associated programs in order to ensure safe and heathy working environment
Do not tolerate any breaches of H&S rules

To ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and third parties, it is compulsory to wear the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all operational workplaces of HeidelbergCement:

  • Safety helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Safety boots
  • High visibility clothing
Furthermore all employees and contractors working for us have to comply with the following Cardinal Ru

All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for a given task must be properly usedThis applies in particular but not exclusively to the use of:

  • Seat belts when driving
  • Appropriate fall protection equipment when working at height

Equipment has to be properly isolated from all inherent energy sources and must be tested to ensure it cannot start or move prior to conducting any tasks.

Safeguards must be in place before equipment is (re)started.

Entry into confined spaces is only allowed for competent persons and with a Permit to Work signed by the responsible superior.

Driving for the company is done in strict accordance with local laws and company requirements.

All occupational incidents are reported and investigated to identify the root causes and to set up corrective actions and lessons learned.