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Production of aggregates and ready-mixed concrete is Group’s core business as it allows forming an integrated close cycle of concrete mixture production. Thus company stakes on great development and effectiveness of these business lines in Ukraine. Company tends to improve its technical and human capacity. 

Concrete production is oriented to the needs of the construction, both in the city and its surroundings. 

Concrete mixing plants of the company deliver concrete by its own concrete mixer trucks Mercedes-Benz that have a concrete mixing drum with a capacity up to 9 m3. In order to supply concrete to a height and in remote places, the company has an exclusive opportunity to use concrete pump with a boom length of 36 m.

On the basis of laboratory for quality control of cement, there is a certified laboratory for quality control of concrete and concrete mixtures.

The laboratory specialists perform:
  • continuous quality inspection of delivered raw materials (cement, sand, gravel)
  • operational control of concrete mixtures, mortars
  • concrete acceptance inspection for compliance with design characteristics

Besides the quality control, lab specialists are constantly working on optimizing the concrete compositions and finding the best modifier additives. "Quality certificate" is issued for each batch of ready-mixed concrete in accordance with all the requirements.


Concrete is an artificial stone material that is obtained as a result of hardening of rationally selected and compacted mixture of binder, aggregates, water and additives.

HeidelbergBeton Ukraine, LLC produces ready-mixed concrete that has compressive strength from Class B7,5 to Class B55. Automatic dosing system of components and informative control panel allow you to maintain a clear process and ensure full compliance with the norms of concrete workability.

Certified specialists are employed in all concrete mixing plants of the company who take professional trainings and internships in Europe on a constant basis. Moreover, our specialists closely cooperate with Heidelberg Technical Center, Germany, that provides continuous technical support and operational services.

HeidelbergBeton Ukraine, LLC has own transport fleet consisting of all necessary concrete mixing and concrete pump trucks:
  • Concrete mixer trucks (7, 9 m3) - 14 units
  • Concrete pumpers Waitzinger 37 - 3 units
  • Concrete pumper PUMI 28 m - 1 unit
  • Concrete pumper MAN 32 m - 1 unit
Concrete strength is divided into classes (grades). The table below shows the ratio of the grades and classes:
Strength class of concrete
Average strength of concrete ()*, kgf/cm2
Average strength of concrete ()*, kgf/cm2
В10 131,0 М150
В15196,5 М200
В20261,9 М250
В25 294,7 М300
В25 327,4 М350
В30 392,9 М400
В35 458,4 М450

Grade shows a mean value of the delivered concrete volumes. Class defines a guaranteed strength values, taking into account the spread of values resulting from dosing error, mixing inhomogeneity, activity of cement, properties of aggregates etc. 

In accordance with DSTU B V.2.7-96-2000 concrete mixture is characterized by the following quality indicators:
  • workability
  • average density
  • the amount of entrained air
  • ability to delaminate (if necessary)
  • keeping properties over time: workability, ability to delaminate, the amount of entrained air (if needed)

High slump or "flowing" concrete mixtures are used in monolithic construction by applying cone of 5-20 cm.

"Flowing" concrete mixtures table:
Slump class
Workability norm
hardness, fromflowing, cm
 cone settingslump cone
S14 and less1-4-
S5-21 and more31 and more

Official letters (requests, applications, offers, etc.) are requested to be sent to the addresses of the enterprises of HeidelbergCement Group in Ukraine.

Email can be used for commercial information only. 


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