HeidelbergCement Ukraine strictly follows purchasing strategy of HeidelbergCement Group and continuously improves its principles of works implementing new methods and practices to establish transparent, efficient and well-functioning purchasing process.  

HeidelbergCement’s Supplier Code of Conduct expects from Supplier Base the following:

Working Conditions / Labour
  1. Suppliers must not use child labour in any stage of manufacturing. Suppliers are requested to follow the ILO conventions recommendation of minimum age for admission to employment
  2. Compensation and benefits ought to comply with fundamental principles relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits.
  3. Any form of forced or compulsory labour must not be used, and employees shall be free to leave employment after reasonable notice.
  4. Suppliers are expected to adhere to the right of employees to freedom of association and recognition of employees’ rights to collective bargaining, where allowable by law.
  5. Workers should have safe and healthy working conditions that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational safety and health.
Environmental Standards
  1. Supplier operations will be carried out with care for the environment and will include compliance with all relevant legislation in the country concerned.
  2. All products and services will be delivered to meet the environmental, quality and safety criteria specified in relevant contract elements, and will be safe for their intended use.
Business Ethics
  1. Business will be conducted with integrity. There will be no payments, services, gifts, entertainment or other advantages offered or given to any HeidelbergCement employee or third party which are intended to influence the way in which the HeidelbergCement employee or third party goes about his or her duties.
    Similarly HeidelbergCement will not offer or give such payments, services, gifts, entertainment or other advantages to any supplier which are intended to influence the way in which the supplier goes about his or her duties.
  2. There will be respect for human rights, harassment or discrimination against employees in any form is not acceptable. This includes but is not limited to gender, ethnic origin, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.
Concluding Comments
  1. It is expected that HeidelbergCement's direct suppliers will take responsibility to require adherence to the principals of this Supplier Code of Conduct from their direct suppliers and exercise diligence in verifying that these principles are being adhered to in their supply chains.
  2. Safeguarding of these standards is a long-term learning and development process. We will work together with our suppliers towards compliance and will continually review and revise these principles if needed.

HeidelbergCement Ukraine Headquarters

+38 (0562) 38-75-00 (01)
+38 (0562) 38-75-87
HeidelbergCement Ukraine, PrJSC
15a, Barykadna Street

Terms of cooperation

If you would like to become a supplier of products or services, please send your commercial offer to Headquarters' email address. 

In case of interest you will be contacted by Purchasing Department specialist. 

Official letters (requests, applications, offers, etc.) are requested to be sent to the addresses of the enterprises of HeidelbergCement Group in Ukraine.

Email can be used for commercial information only.