Community Relationship Management at HeidelbergCement

Our long-term success depends on sustainable business practices as well as trusting relations with our neighbors, business partners, and employees.

By assuming environmental and social responsibility, we seek to strengthen to the socio-economic welfare of local communities, minimize the physical effects of our operations and thereby serve not just our own interests, but those of society as well.

Principles of Community Relationship Management

In order to fulfil its community relationship engagement and objective, the Group has set a long term ambition to take the following initiatives in the different countries and locations in which it operates:

  • where possible and appropriate, recruit employees locally and provide training opportunities and long term development
  • support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed Human Rights
  • promote and support voluntary involvement of our employees in social projects
  • involve concerned communities during the reclamation process of quarries or other industrial sites
HeidelbergCement makes the strongest commitment in areas where the company has the most expertise and can achieve the best impact for society. Collaboration with partners active in development and international cooperation can be relevant in order to increase the impact.
Building, architecture, infrastructure

Supplying building materials and services in the field of construction contributes to improving the quality of life in many countries. HeidelbergCement’s products stand for quality and its entrepreneurial activities align with the principle “for better building”. Providing practical help in the construction of buildings and infrastructure for the benefit of society is an important area of focus of voluntary activities at HeidelbergCement. The products, expertise, time and finances of HeidelbergCement are made available for this purpose. HeidelbergCement also supports architectural concepts that already incorporate the requirements of tomorrow’s society and encourage the necessary dialogue in the construction industry. 

Environment, climate, biodiversity

HeidelbergCement uses natural resources and its quarries encroach upon nature. The aim is to use resources as efficiently as possible, minimize the impact from quarrying, production and distribution and generate positive effects for the environment, flora and fauna. To this end, HeidelbergCement cooperates with partners globally and locally at thelocations in order to preserve and protect environment by promoting climate protection and biological diversity. HeidelbergCement can also be involved in specific sustainableland management projects surrounding operations that contribute to positive environmental changes and improve local communities’ welfare and awareness. HeidelbergCementsupports organisations and projects that improve ecological knowledge and strengthen awareness of the diversity of nature at our locations.

Education, training, culture

A sustainable society needs creativity and innovation. HeidelbergCement wants to provide an impetus by fostering potential and encouraging initiatives, such as educational partnerships.The aim is to improve young people’s chances of succeeding in professional life by developing their interest and understanding of technical and economical interrelationshipsand by enabling and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit. Promoting culture helps increase creativity, diversity and the quality of life at our locations. HeidelbergCement supportscultural initiatives that benefit the wider public and promote social harmony and cohabitation.

Employee involvement

It’s essential that our employees are informed, interested and potentially involved in volunteering programs that can increase the positive contribution to communities around our operations and reinforce the positive image of the company.